The Dream-Realm Of The Ultimate HYPNOGODDESS{TM} DreamSender

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Fall into My Hypno-spiral!

Come and feel the SHEER POWER...of Submission to the true HypnoGoddess. You will leave Her presence awestruck and longing for more!

A child hypno-prodigy grown up to COMMAND...The HYPNOGODDESS Draws Her Submissive Pets into a Web Of Obedient and Lustful Service.

There are Hypnodommes...but only one true HypnoGoddess. You will submit and feel the true Power of Hypnotic Mind Control.

With many diverse personae, the HypnoGoddess DreamSender will determine the Facet to bring out your deepest fetish desires and totally cage your Will.

MP3s, phone and online sessions. Sensual but firm Hypnotic Mind Control Expert skilled in most fetishes, specialist in Feminization and hypno-dungeon scenes. No unscheduled calls taken.

Now, for the first time, one site will eventually lead you to ALL Faces of the Ultimate HYPNOGODDESS{TM} DreamSender whose Facets reside in many diverse places on the World Wide Web. All sites For Entertainment Purposes Only. Sites unsuitable for minors contain appropriate warnings.

For now, only regular Web Pages are linked. There will be a second page of audio sites soon, plus a bio section for each Facet.


The Mirror-Index to the Palace of Dreams (The original Palace of Dreams no longer exists. It will be rebuilt at the linked URL. Until this happens this should be considered a dormant link.)

The Realm of NightMane's Horseman

The Hosts of the Palace of Dreams -- The HYPNOGODS

The Lab of The Evil Female Hypnotist

The HYPNOGODDESS'S Hypno-BDSM Situation Info-page

The Hypno-Worship Altar Forum

There will be none of the following tolerated at My Altar: Disrespect, either of My GoddessHead, or of fellow posters to the forum. Flaming is NOT allowed. SPAM is not allowed. Requests for and/or posting of passwords to other sites will also NOT be tolerated. I am not here to be YOUR Toy. You have walked into My Realm begging to be MY Plaything; therefore...My House, My Rules!


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