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My hypnotic audio recordings are available on the World Wide Web through samples available for streaming or download from My websites, and also from various Indie artist sites I maintain worldwide. Some of My recordings are mixes, or poetry rather than pure hypnosis. But do remember pet, that one of the earliest forms of hypnosis was you just might find yourself drifting, contented and controlled, on the currents of My words even so.

Linked below are a few of the recorded D/s hypnosis sessions currently available for purchase. Of COURSE, you can just go and download, and never buy; but one reminder My Pet...only submissives who have PURCHASED one or more audio sessions (preferably a series entire) will be elligible to work with Me online or by phone. So the choice is truly!

MP3s are grouped according to the Facets that produced them. All recordings are in the English language. Single MP3s will be delivered via email and will be encoded at 32kpbs/sec. It is the buyer's responsibility to make sure the email box attached to the PartyKey acct of record has sufficient space to hold the delivery. This page under development; you will see filesizes for all current email deliveries by the end of next week.

Multiple MP3 orders are elligible for a higher bitrate encoding burned to a mini CD for discreet postal delivery.

Mind Meltdown series -- Evil Female Hypnotist

The Mind Meltdown series is a sequential set of binural multi-track submission mixes. The recordings to date fade rather than end in a definitive awakening sequence, allowing the subject to either wake on his own or take a nap. You see it is impossible to get "stuck" in a hypnotic trance; you will simply wake when your mind becomes bored of having no external input, or fall into a natural sleep.

Mind Meltdown I

Mind Meltdown II

Mind Meltdown III

Mind Meltdown IV

Mind Meltdown V

Mind Meltdown VI

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