Grant Boddington's New Zealand Hypnosis
Hypnotist Grant Boddington is an entertaining International Master Stage Hypnotist, an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist and Mind Motivator. Author of top selling Ebook "Simply Hypnosis" and creator of the "Be The Person You Want To Be" series of HRM (Hypnosis Reinforced Motivation) CDs for all sport, business and personal motivation & self improvement.

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Adult Sex Therapy
A homepage for adults to discuss their adult sexual therapy issues and locate information on sex products and services.

Erotica Index

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Kiss & Tell - Aural Aphrodisiac!
An audio CD collection of erotic short stories and poems for women, written by some of the best female erotic writers and narrated by sensual female voices. Perfect for women and couples to spice up the night!

As I have cancelled My Global Domination membership, and refuse to further support Sharon Silk in any manner, all links to Global Domination are in the process of being removed from My websites.

The Black Matrix Mistress Guide

One of the US's newest Domme directories

A BDSM resource center with message boards, an extensive library, poetry, fiction, a listing of lifestyle organizations, and more.

Deep Trances
An adult hypnosis site with Stories, games, software and more!


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