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Eventually...EVERY Dominant gets "burned". The burn can take many forms.

One of the most common forms of burn is inadvertant. A second can be either inadvertant or quite deliberate. A Dominant takes a newbie submissive who expresses interest, and attempts to teach them the Lifestyle. The newbie however, possibly due to various issues in their current or past life, finds that he or she simply cannot deal with the parameters of the Lifestyle, but because most submissive personalities have passive-agressive elements to them, may not know how, or be able to communicate this fact to their Dom/me. When it finally DOES come out into the open (and it will, sooner or later) it may do so in the form of open (a) rebellion against the Dominant's wishes or orders, or (b) the Dominant may sense that something is amiss, as the submissive's behavior is "off" or abnormal to what the Dominant is used to. In the second case, direct questioning may not be effective, as a passive-agressive person has communication issues to begin with.

In the first case, (direct rebellion) the first thing for the Dominant to do is to stop the scene in progress with their own safe word. There are many Dominants who leave the safe word(s) in the hands of the submissive, having none for themselves. The HYPNOGODDESS's safe words are for use by EITHER side however. Then ask the submissive if there is a problem with the command just given. If the answer is no, passive-agressive elements have kicked in and the submissive can or will not communicate the problem he/she has. So the second step, especially if the submissive is fully Collared, is to ask if the submissive wishes to be released from his/her obligation, GENTLY reminding them the Dominant is to be obeyed during a scene unless the scene is causing discomfort to the submissive. So if there is not a problem with the command, perhaps the problem lies in the relationship. Sometimes this will cause the submissive to communicate the actual problem but beware; IF instead the sub says the Dominant had no right to give the order, and the order is actually legitimate and within the Rules of BDSM, immediate release is usually in order, as the submissive is being willfully both disobedient and disrespectful of the Dominant. This situation has caused more D/s "battles" than any other I know of, and the submissives involved are either not truly submissive, or wish to see where the "limits" are, and will test those limits again and again. Both types are merely a waste of the Dominant's time and true "gamers". Hence the naming of this type as deliberate.

In the second case, where the Dominant gets an odd behavior sense from the submissive, a scene may or may not be involved. And in THIS case, questioning may only bring the answers the submissive thinks the Dominant wishes to hear. This usually means that there is a trust issue involved. Attempt to solve the issue, but again if no resolution is possible, release or a referral to a different Dominant is the answer you seek.

I have seen both of these in tandem, in a submissive with deep past life trauma, which meant the submissive was NOT a gamer, but was unsuited to the Lifestyle. I released this submissive to find her own answers, possibly through counseling or therapy, as D/s could only compound the problem, not solve it.

Hypnotic Domination can encompass any standard BDSM element, properly performed by a competent Hypnodom or Hypnodomme. As hypno-domination is a relative newcomer to the Kink scene, many traditional practitioners of BDSM scoff at or are wary of it. Some even fear damage to the mind of a submissive if hypnosis is brought into play.

I base this observation on various discussions I have personally viewed on BDSM-related message boards, and in BDSM-related chat rooms.

The main problem here, is misinformation, I feel. Many hypnotic dominants are clinically trained hypnotherapists. Hypnotic domination done by such is usually quite safe, due to the ethics of thier training. However, some also have never bothered to read the classic literature of traditional BDSM! So instead of true Dominance, one is likely only to experience a "hypnotic fantasy", which may or may not contain light to medium true elements of BDSM.

HYPNOGODDESS DreamSender uses the following volumes as Her twin "bibles" of Dominance: Screw The Roses, Send Me The Thorns, and When Someone You Love Is Kinky. The first for BDSM technique and protocol, the second for ethics of practice. A third reference, Studies in Dominance and Submission, gives a somewhat clinical, but Vanilla-oriented view of the Scene. This is mainly a sociological study of various practitioners of traditional BDSM.

As in traditional kink, hypno-dominants can be "burned" by a bad or unsuitable submissive. There are several types of "burn" however, that are specific only to this type of Dominance. Others can occur in either tradtional or hypno-dominance situations.

The types of "burn" situations mentioned in the opening paragraphs are common to both types of Dominance, as is the Dom/me-jumper, who will have many Mistresses or Masters, each often unaware "their" submissive is "owned" by others than Themselves.

In the new world known as "online" or "cyber" Domination, the Dom/me jumper is a walking time bomb waiting to be triggered, as the start of Dom/me wars on the grounds of "slave-theft" can often be laid at this submissive's doorstep. IMHO, this submissive's "problem" is twinfold. First is a basic non-acceptance or non-knowledge of the BDSM Rule that a Dominant gives time/attention to each of His or Her submissives at His or Her personal discretion, and that this is one of the Rights of a Dominant that is Absolute.
The second problem is that a Dom/me-jumper is the type of person that will NEVER have enough attention if he only has one Dominant.

I have not run out of things to say is simply that ALL pages of My Central Hub are hand-coded, and I am tired. Hand coding HTML is one of the skills I am proud of though hand coding is now considered passe in this world of bells, whistles and So the Domme-jumper this section was begun for's ID will have to wait, at least until I have nourished Myself and rested. There will be a second page, called the Gamer's List linked from this info page, which has only given half its information at this point. So watch and read carefully, scene friends, as you watch for the update!

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