Gamers are found within the ranks of both online Dominants and submissives.   This page will list a few of the gamers I have found in My Yahoo travels.   DOMINANTS WHO FIND THEMSELVES ON THIS LIST ARE REMINDED IN ADVANCE THAT AS ONLY YAHOO IDS WILL BE GIVEN, THERE IS NO LEGAL RECOURSE...SO LET US HAVE NO TALK OF LAWSUITS ON THE BASIS OF SLANDER, LIBEL OR DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER.



In spite of My best efforts to avoid...there is ONE more addiditon to the Gamer's List. It is a DOMME...not a sub. Sigh...I knew it would come to this in time, but I did hope the so-called "One True Goddess" was both less insecure and less STUPID than to attempt to attack Me without the slightest provocation. Oh yes, she WAS provoked, but by person or persons unknown at that point in time. She simply tried to place the blame for her problem on Me with no proof, as the following correspondence exchange will bear out. She now says on her Yahoo profile, (which link I have now removed as she is attempting to take advantage of the free linkback) she has proof of who 'tried to take her site down', and I now admit making a discreet inquiry, but for My reader's information, A) I did NOT give a URL, which now means the host should not be trusted by ANY sane web hosting seeker, as confidentiality is unknown to them, plus they also jump to conclusions and B) Someone in the LLE must own one or more of the hosting staff as slave, making said host untrustworthy to the max. My daughter actually was the one to do takedowns on Allannah the Enchantress's sites, and Goddess Purevil's as well. Both sets of sites were in violation of the Geocities TOS, which disallows both adult materials, and commerce sites of any type. The sites in question had NO adult disclaimers, or entry splash pages, plus were selling not only hypnodominant MP3s, but such things as used pantyhose for use with said MP3s. The LLE is merely attempting opportunism on what they now see as a major competitor, as Palace Of Dreams Hypno-Systems will be UK resident by mid-March at the latest. And as the violators have now dot-commed themselves, (on adult-friendly hosts let us hope) My family has no more reason to question the sites' existence.

Unlike the LLE, which is composed of many hypnodommes, POD-HS has only ONE, displaying many Facets...and so is self-contained, therefore self-sufficient.

For anyone who might be interested, The head of the LLE also claims to have learned from her mistakes...but I think not, as attempting the induction of migraine level headaches to keep a submissive from listening to another hypnotist shows not only a severe lack of ethics, but a high level of personal insecurity. The file involved is called "Destiny", and attempts not only the above stated post-hypnotic implantation, but to get people to "protect and recruit" for the LLE, a combo competitor-exclusion attempt unprecedented in hypnodominant history.

From:"Lady Lita"

Subject: adult hosting

Date:Tue, 19 Oct 2004 18:40:16 +0100

Well your pathetic attempt to bring my site down didn't work, you really are a total loser.

From: "Lynn Jensen"

To:"Lady Lita"

Sent:Tuesday, October 19, 2004 10:09 PM

Subject: Re: adult hosting

what makes you think it is Me....? You who use near CHILDREN to front for you as you cannot hypnotize worth a good goddamn?

From:"Lady Lita"

To:"Lynn Jensen"

Subject: Re: adult hosting

Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 22:23:05 +0100

I KNOW its you and you fuel your hateful life with anger and rage against others, you are sick and twisted and everyone hates you, does that feel good?

{ASIDE: Now this attempt at an EXTREMELY weak NLP-style attack on My ego shows the following: A: The woman's sole way to deal with not finding her exact target, is to attempt to goad projected target into admitting guilt in the matter at hand via ego destrtuction, B: She thinks the whole world outside her Lady Lita Empire is full of hate and rage against her; has she ever thought in addition that IF this unlikely situation is true, that there must also be a reason for it?? C: By the statements as to how I fuel My Life, My personality structure (which she of all people has NO qualification to diagnose as I do not see the letters M.D. or LCSW or Psy.D. after her name) she shows not only how much she does NOT know about Me, but attempts the absolutely LUDICROUS in saying "everybody hates you". Anyone who looks at a) the site hit tracker for My ArtistLaunch site, or b) the HYPNOGODDESS at ArtistLaunch site itself, will see that I am well beloved of the WWW; someone who was NOT, could never garner over 2,000 plays per month on an Indie Artist Site.} Exchange continues below.

Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 14:18:11 -0700 (PDT)

From:"Lynn Jensen"

Subject: Re: adult hosting To: "Lady Lita"

and As I have no idea what the HELL you are talking about...why doesn't your Goddessship inform Me of this site I am supposed to have tried to bring down's URL?

You do know that if You want a war...I DO just happen to be a Living Valkyrie and a Goddess in My own right? AND that I will soon be living on British soil???

Therefore watch your ASS around Me.

{ASIDE: I here declare My willingness to war with the lady if she so what I stated above I truly AM. My Divine Authority as a Domme comes directly from the Lady Freyja Njordsdotter, Norse Goddess of fertility and Carnal Lust. I am the only Gythia (Norse Pagan High Priestess) of African-American descent in the US; possibly the only Black Gythia in the WORLD. But as you will see after My answer to the above, her only response is to both deny My authority, and attempt to reduce Me to something she can look down on. I below, continue to demand both proof of her accusation, and give a small warning.}

From: "Lynn Jensen"

Sent: Tuesday, October 19, 2004 4:48 PM

To: Lady Lita

Subject: Re: adult hosting

PROOF REQUIRED... And why is it the second you cannot blame something on Dominica, you come after Me?

You will also need to prove your SECOND statement about the anger and hate, being sick and twisted, and everyone hating Me.


{ASIDE: At this point I must admit to having lost all patience. Which is why the warning to her about continuing. Unfortunately I have to wait for a further misstep which I will not define here, for such to be actionable. The final demeanment attempt, and My reply to same, are presented below with no further preamble...OOPS! Would My readers believe another one just came where she states the exact OPPOSITE of "everyone hates you"? This is TOO!}

From: "Lady Lita"

To: "Lynn Jensen"

Subject: Re: adult hosting

Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 22:24:18 +0100

oh fuck off you pathetic insane old slag, you are no one but a bitter old woman.

From: "Lynn Jensen"

Sent: Tuesday, October 19, 2004 4:53 PM

To: Lady Lita

Subject: Re: adult hosting

Do not know the definition of slag.

You have NOT provided the slightest shred of proof. AND 48 yes old is only middle age.

I am not bitter either. How in hell could a newlywed be bitter? I am going through the happiest time In My life...with only little slugs like YOU to mar it.

{Just in off the Press...LOL!}

From: "Lady Lita"

To: "Lynn Jensen"

Subject: just to let you know Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 13:40:29 +0100

I know you can't help your actions and I forgive you.

People love you, don't live inn hate.

{To misquote Yves Montand in "On a Clear Day You Can See Forever" OOOOOH! Sometimes I think if I see ONE MORE "INN" I will tighten My tie until I strangle! I DID not hate Lita...UNTIL THIS INCIDENT. Let the reader judge. She is the one who sank into degradation attempts and profanity when her game failed...NOT I.}


First among the "prize" subs no Domme will want is drwho_5092.

This person fits the "Peter Pan" syndrome described in Screw The Roses, Send Me The Thorns. Crimes commited against various Dominants include A: Gross disrespect B: Domme-jumping C: topping from the bottom. Dr Who is really looking for a Mother, NOT a Domme, hypnotic or otherwise; his main "game" is to find a Domme who will give him total financial support in return for 24/7 service as a slave. To accomplish this, he will claim to be in love with his Domme, even if they have never met in real time! This person has no true sense of life-reality in My humble opinion, as he will even attempt to set up a "backup plan" in case he fails with the Domme he is currently "courting". The plan may include approaching a Dominant who he has burned already, and lining up up to three more Dommes to try the game with in turn. When his plan to trap a Domme into his game fails, the gross disrespect comes in.

An Example of What the Good Doctor Does When his Game Goes Sour (Titled Fuck You and NightLust) Posted to the New Mistress Hypnotic's Pub (yes Doc I DID let it through!)

Dream, You both can go fuck yourselves and the horses You rode in on. I am so sick of the two of you throwing your massive egos around thinking that I'll comply to you both. You two act as though having a life other than the either of You is an admissable. Hell you can't even get over the fact that I flat out refused your offer of a collar when you offered it again. I gave up on Nightlust weeks ago. I started rekindling an old flame with an old friend back about the middle of last month. I knew that I was getting taken for a ride. Rather obvious when you send someone to me. Every time that you've done something out of "the kindness of your heart". I've gotten my ass bit. So fuck off and fuck your groups, your sites. Go fuck Deb with CW's cock for all I care. You're both sluts that deserve to go to hell.

My Reply -- Posted to same Yahoo Group

I DO detest when someone comes whining back over and over again claiming he has changed when it is easily apparent no such event has ocurred.

I did indeed offer John his collar back provisionally, but unlike his version of the story, I was actually RELIEVED when he refused. It is time to build the Gamers List at last I someone who tops from the bottom, wants a Domme in order to be fully relieved of life's responsibilities, and will claim undying love to ANYONE he thinks can fulfill that dream, whether he knows them real time or not, CERTAINLY belongs there!

John may also have caused an end to the career of My Domme-sister Mistress this Goddess is royally PISSED OFF.

Mystically Trancing,

HypnoGoddess DreamSender

Sept 12th, 2004 boy NEVER GIVES UP! Received in a KinkyCard picked up just this! (Titled I am Thinking of the Good Times We Had)

That's what I would have been thinking if You hadn't pulled the shit You did. You couldn't bother in even hearing me out. You believed what You wished and jumped to Your own God damn conclusions. You wonder why I never trusted You from the start. Easy enough to explain. I was prepared by this eventuality long before this. I am not going to tell You whom either. You and Deb don't even deserve to know that much. I already knew that You were playing with my head and my heart for the hell of it. Figured that this would be the best way to get back at me on behalf of Kim. To me that was the lowest move YOU ever could make. But, coming from the ilk that You run around with (Deb and CW) it never surprised me at all. I had already started making arrangements and preparations to walk away from You. I was biding my time and watching as well as waiting. You gave me several opportunities. My life is better than it ever will be since out of my most sincereness to want to help, I offered to help a Mistress friend and Her bi lover. They're taking me on as a slave/nanny/fucktoy. I'll be working outside of the home as well. Not just going to be a 24/7 slave either. Training me for proper use and service. More than You would or could EVER afford Yourself to doing. You're a shameless hag that backstabbed and lied. You and Deb are the lowest of the low. You can both go rot in Hell at the feet of CW. I don't care anymore. You'll both feel stupid after Josh proves that I WASN'T the one in EH that night. But by then You'll have fucked Yourselves over and it'll be too late for You both. Come the end of next month. I'll be out of here and serving someone well worth the time and devotion. You and Deb were never worth either. Good riddance to bad rubish. John

The boy is totally mistaken! The said Kim was a dead issue long ago. I don't care who "warned" him, nor about what. This EH business was unknown to Me until after we fought in the Yahoo Messenger system. Can we say really loudly "sour grapes"? And what a potty mouth he has as well! This is not doable with a bar of normal soap...someone bring Me a bottle of Ultra Dawn! He DID trust Me enough to attempt to play his "game" with Me in real life...only to find I would not fall for it...the above only proves again the diagnosis stated earlier. And he FORGETS that as an expert hypnotist I am WELL aware of the fact that one CAN lie under hypnosis! Also sadly one of the Dommes he is attacking has left the scene...Mistress NightLust is no more. And she placed the blame for her quitting on him as she left...let us hope this new Mistress he has supposedly found has the strength to truly tame him.

This will be the final addition to this page for the present time, as if I have played My cards right, there will be no need for more.

The best advice this hypnodomme of 35+ years experience can give at this time is to AVOID THE YAHOO ADULT HYPNOSIS COMMUNITY ALTOGETHER. One cannot see the tricks and traps here until it is far too late. Avoid ANY dominant who claims to trance for pay in Yahoo IM or Chat. Such are in violation of Yahoo's Terms and Conditions, which prohibit commercialism via its services. When I do a paid IM trance, it is through the Private Messaging system of My site-based chat rooms.

And last but most especially avoid the Yahoo Chat room called EROTIC HYPNOSIS. This room is where 98% of the BS found in this community starts, but not usually where it ends. I have now covered ALL Yahoo gamers in toto as a Group. No need to point indivdual fingers any more.

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